Kidical Mass began in April of 2008 in Eugene, Oregon.

Created by Shane Rhodes, who manages the Safe Routes to Schools program for a Eugene-area school district and has been active in the bike advocacy world for 15 years.

“The bike movement has grown up, and now it has kids!” Shane MacRhodes

An early morning brainstorm sought to satisfy two of Shane’s goals: getting more kids and families excited about riding, and celebrating a visit to Eugene by bike documentarian Ted White, who was the creator of the term “Critical Mass.” Shane wanted to do something different from the typical Critical Mass ride. Kidical Mass was born.

Since then, Kidical Masses have popped up all over the world. Here in Portland, Kidical Mass was pioneered by family bike advocate Angela Koch, but fizzled when she moved to Washington, D.C.

In the fall of 2010, two bikey families, the Proctors and the Eckharts, decided to bring Kidical Mass back to Portland.  We ride March through October all over the city, very slowly, and only a few miles at a time. We hope to see you out there!

Many thanks to Shane Rhodes and the original kidicalmass.org for the ride descriptions, guidelines, images, and for starting Kidical Mass.

How We Roll

  • We will stay together as a group and follow all traffic safety laws.
  • Helmets are required for children and encouraged for adults.
  • Kids riding their own bikes should be able to ride in a more or less straight line, stop and start as necessary, and follow verbal directions.

Check out our photo gallery. Thanks to Andy Schmidt for his beautiful photos!