Skating With Kidical Mass

It was several days of rain (and even a snow flurry or 2) leading up to the Kidical Mass ride on January 21st. There were a few lingering showers the day of the ride but we largely caught a break in the weather and twenty or so folks braved the elements. We met up at West Moreland Park at the prescribed time. The kids played on the playground and chased the ducks while people showed up.

Soon enough we were gathered and on our way toward Oaks Park Skating Rink. It was a leisurely 2-mile ride on the quiet streets of West Moreland and Sellwood. We made at least one stop to re-configure kids riding as passengers and perhaps one or two more to tighten up the group. But as is tradition, we rode together as a group, waved at people in cars, and dinged bells for pedestrians.

The folks at Oaks Park were kind enough to put out some bike racks right in front of the rink entrance for us. We filled the racks and still had to lock a few bikes to the fence. Most everyone stayed for skating, but there were a couple families with children too small for skating so they headed home after the ride.  Those of us who stayed to skate had a blast.

Oaks Park (and especially the skating rink) is a gem from a bygone era. If you’ve never been, and if you missed this ride, Oaks Park is worth checking out.

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