Let’s Go Roller Skating!

How long has it been since you or anyone in your family went went rollerskating? Too long, I’m sure. This is a perfect opportunity to join some fun families for a pleasant bike ride and skating at the historic Oaks Park Roller Rink.

We’ll gather at Westmoreland Park playground at 1pm. We ride at 1:15. Our route is on quiet streets through Westmoreland and Sellwood to the Springwater Trail. It’s only a short jaunt on the trail to Oaks Park Roller Rink. The camaraderie of a family bike ride is free but admission to the rink is $5.25/person and skate rentals start at $1.50 (for basic skates… fancy skates are more).

The guided ride is one-way. That gives people the most freedom to hang out at the rink and skate as long as they’d like.

We ride slowly enough for kids to ride with us. We will be on the road, so kids should be able to follow verbal instructions, stay to the right, and stop/start when necessary. Kids must wear helmets and be accompanied by their grown-ups. Costumes and bike decorations are encouraged but not required.

Oh… and don’t forget a lock to secure your bike at Oaks Park.

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  1. I’m not sure if a link can be made to this blog I created, but I am going to try and collect each flyer for the month and post them here. I’m using it for my facebook and other contacts, but it might be useful for others as well?

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